Connecticut All State Fugitive Recovery

The Bail Enforcement Agency’s founder and lead field agent has been conducting fugitive investigations and apprehensions his entire professional career, making a variety of friends and allies along the way.

The personnel that comprise our team possess a unique skill set that contribute to the overall success of the group. All team members skills are continually honed in high risk entry, high risk warrant service.
Each team member is also required to function as a Bail Bonds Man. This means not only understanding the entire bail and judicial process, but the mind set of a fugitive.
Our main area of operation is in State of Connecticut This is our region of geographic expertise; although we are called on to perform throughout the country and Puerto Rico.
Allstate Fugitive Recovery
P.O. Box 262
Southington CT 0648
Agent: Angel L. Guadalupe

Main Office:
T. 860.620.7059
T. 203.463.9405
F. 860.499.5354
Puerto Rico: 787.905.7849


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