Arizona Fugitive Recovery Team

Fugitive Recovery Team is an organization serving the Bail Bond Industry in the recovery of defendants on bond who fail to abide by their bail bond contract or miss a scheduled court appearance violating their bail bond agreement. We operate primarily in Arizona, but are available for out of state recoveries as well.

Please note: that if you are an out of state Bail Bondsman and you are trying to locate a fugitive in Arizona, Arizona law states you must utilize an Arizona licensed Bail bondsman or Recovery Agent to make the arrest.


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  1. Avatar Tina Dean

    Hi I am Tina with Teton Bail Bonds, I have a few recoveries I need made in AZ. Please contact me asap.

    1. Avatar C Davis

      I’ve spoken with you by phone previously 2 months back, approx Feb 2019, I am headed to Arizona in 2 weeks, I’ll place another call to you when I start heading from Billings through Idaho. If you’d like I can be contacted back at 832.405.8386 prior to 10MAY2019. Thanks

      TCG Global

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